Indie Pattern Designers

If you're a regular reader of my blog you will have noticed that I'm a big fan of independent sewing pattern designers, an industry that has been growing at a rapid pace over the last few years. This is a list of the current 'indie companies' I know of, with some more specialist areas listed at the bottom of the page. I haven't sewn patterns from anything like all of them but if you Google any design there's bound to be a blogger out there who has! If your favourite is missing from the list then let me know, I keep the list updated as best I can and I'm always keen to discover a new one!


1 Puddle Lane (PDF)
5 Out of 4 Patterns (PDF)
100 Acts of Sewing (paper)
A Verb for Keeping Warm (paper and PDF)
Afternoon (paper and PDF)
Aime Comme Marie (in French, paper)
Alice and Ann (PDF)
Alina Sewing & Design Co (PDF)
Amy Nicole Studio (PDF)
Ann Normandy Design (PDF)
Anna Maria Horner (paper)
Anna Rose Patterns (in French, PDF)
Anne Durrieu (in French, PDF)
Anne Kerdiles Couture (in French and English, paper and PDF)
April Rhodes (paper and PDF)
Attie and Dora (PDF)
Audrey & Me Patterns (PDF)
The Avid Seamstress (paper)
Dinuvole Dicuroi (PDF)
Baste & Gather (PDF)
Beaute' J'adore (PDF free)
Blank Slate Patterns (PDF)
Blue Dot Patterns (PDF)
Blue Ginger Doll (paper and PDF)
Blueprints For Sewing (paper and PDF)
Blousette Rose (in French, PDF)
Bootstrap Fashion (PDF customised for your size)
By Hand London (PDF)
Cake Patterns (paper and PDF)
Cali Faye (PDF)
Capital Chic Patterns (PDF)
Carolyn & Cassie Pattern Co. (paper and PDF)
Cashmerette Patterns (paper and PDF)
Center for Pattern Design (paper)
Chalk and Notch (PDF)
Charlotte Kan (PDF)
Charm Patterns by Gertie (paper and PDF)
Chez Machine (in French, PDF)
Christine Haynes (paper and PDF)
Citronille (in French, limited patterns in English, paper)
Closet Case Patterns (paper and PDF)
Cloth Kits (paper)
Coco Wawa Crafts (in Spanish and English, PDF)
Colette Patterns (paper and PDF)
Compagnie M. (in Dutch and English, paper and PDF)
Couture Nomad (paper and PDF)
Cutting Line Designs (paper)
Debbie Shore (paper)
Decades of Style (paper)
Deer & Doe (in French & English, paper)
Delphine & Morissette (in French PDF)
Designer Stitch (PDF)
Dessine Moi Un Patron (in French, paper)
Dixie DIY (PDF)
DP Studio (paper)
Dressy Talk Patterns (PDF)
Eglantine et Zoe (in French, paper)
Elle Puls (in German, PDF)
Eliza M Vintage Style Sewing (paper)
English Girl At Home (PDF)
Ensemble Patterns (PDF)
Fabrics for Sale (PDF)
Fancy Tiger Crafts (paper and PDF)
Fine Motor Skills Patterns (PDF)
Fitzpatterns (PDF)
Folkwear (paper)
Free Sewing (PDF, all free!)
French Navy Now (PDF)
Fresh Press Patterns (PDF)
Friday Pattern Company (paper and PDF)
Gather (paper)
Gina Renee Designs (PDF)
Goheen (PDF)
Grainline Studio (paper and PDF)
Green Bee Patterns (paper and PDF)
Green Style Creations (PDF)
Halfmoon Atelier (PDF)
Hana Patterns (PDF)
Heather Wielding Designs (PDF)
Hey June Handmade (PDF)
Helen's Closet (PDF)
Histoire de Coudre (in French, paper and PDF)
Hot Patterns (paper and PDF)
House of Pinheiro (PDF, available on Kollabora)
How to Do Fashion (Danish and English, paper and PDF)
Iam Patterns (paper)
Iconic Patterns (PDF)
In-House Patterns (PDF)
In The Folds (paper and PDF)
Indie Sew, by Allie Olson (PDF)
Islander Sewing Patterns (paper and PDF)
Itch to Stitch (PDF)
Jalie Sewing Patterns (paper and PDF)
Jamie Christina (paper and PDF)
Jennifer Lauren Handmade (PDF)
Just Patterns (PDF)
Kate & Rose (paper)
Kitschy Koo (PDF)
Knipmode (in German, PDF)
Kommatia Patterns (PDF)
KZJO'Studio (PDF)
L'Atelier Scammit (in French, PDF)
Lara Sanner Sewing Patterns (in Spanish and English, PDF)
Laura Marsh Designs (PDF)
Lekala Patterns (PDF, customised for your size!)
Les Fusettes (in French, PDF)
Les Modelieres (in French and English, PDF)
Liesl & Co (PDF)
Lilith and Eve (paper and PDF)
Little Tailoress (paper and PDF
Lily Sage & Co. (PDF patterns)
Lindsay Woodward Patterns (PDF)
Liola Patterns (PDF)
Loes Hines Studio (paper)
Lolita Patterns (paper and PDF)
Londa's Creative Threads (paper and PDF)
Louis Antoinette (French, paper)
Love Notions Patterns (PDF)
Made by Rae (PDF)
Made for Mermaids (PDF)
Maison Fleur Patterns (PDF)
Make It Perfect (paper and PDF)
Maker's Atelier (paper)
Maker's Journal (paper)
Making Patterns Fly (in Spanish, PDF)
Maria Denmark (paper and PDF)
Marilla Walker (paper and PDF)
Maven Patterns (PDF)
Megan Nielsen (paper and PDF)
Merchant & Mills (paper)
Mika Patterns (PDF)
Mingo & Grace (PDF)
MIY Collection (paper and PDF)
Mouna Sew (in French paper and PDF, English PDF)
Mouse House Creations (PDF)
Moxie Patterns (PDF)
Muffin Head Patterns (PDF)
Muse Patterns (PDF)
My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns (paper and PDF)
Named (paper and PDF)
Nina Lee London (PDF)
Oki-Style Patterns (PDF)
On Dirait des Vrais (in French, PDF)
On The Cutting Floor (PDF)
Opian Patterns (in French & English, PDF)
Our Lady of Leisure (PDF)
P&M Patterns (in French & English, paper and PDF)
Paddleboat Studio (PDF)
Paper Theory (PDF)
Papercut Patterns (paper and PDF)
Paprika Patterns (PDF)
Parisienne de Couture (in French, kits)
Pattern Fantastique (paper and PDF)
Pattern Runway (PDF)
Patterns for Pirates (PDF)
Patty Doo (PDF)
Pauline Alice (paper and PDF)
Pearl Red Moon (PDF)
Peek-A-Boo (PDF)
Ralph Pink (PDF)
Ready to Sew (in French & English PDF)
Republique du Chiffon (in French & English, paper and PDF)
Rochad Studio (PDF)
Rosie & Me (paper and PDF)
Rosy Pena (PDF)
Salme Patterns (paper and PDF)
Sarah Kirsten (PDF)
Savvy Patterns (PDF)
Schneidermeistern (in German & English, PDF)
Schnittchen (in German & English, PDF)
Scroop Patterns (PDF)
Seamingly Smitten (PDF)
Seamly Co. (at Indie Sew, PDF)
Seamster Sewing Patterns (PDF)
Seamstress Erin (PDF)
Seamwork (PDF, magazine from Colette)
See Kate Sew (paper and PDF)
Selvage Designs (PDF)
Sew Caroline (PDF)
Sew Chic Pattern Co. (paper)
Sew Different (PDF and paper)
Sew House Seven (PDF and paper)
Sew It With Love (PDF)
Sew La Di Da Vintage (paper)
Sew Liberated (paper)
Sew Me Something (paper)
Sew Over It (paper and PDF)
Sew This Pattern (PDF)
Sew Wardrobe (paper)
Sewaholic Patterns (paper and PDF)
The Sewing Addiction (PDF)
Sewing Avenue (PDF)
The Sewing Workshop (paper)
Sewn Square One (paper)
Silhouette Patterns (paper)
Sis Boom (paper and PDF)
Skinny Bitch, Curvy Chick (paper and PDF, for petites)
Slow Sunday (French, paper)
Snapdragon Studios (paper and PDF)
Soma Patterns (paper and PDF)
So Sew Easy (PDF)
So Zo...What Do You Know? (PDF)
Squam (PDF)
Stepalica Patterns (PDF)
Stoff & Stil (in Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish & English paper)
Straight Stitch Designs (paper and PDF)
Street Style Patterns (PDF)
Style Arc (paper and PDF)
Style Sew Me (paper and PDF)
Swoon Patterns (paper and PDF)
The Tailoress (PDF)
Tessuti (PDF)
Tamanegi-kobo (in Japanese & English, PDF)
Teach Me Fashion (PDF with video instructions)
The Sewing Addiction (PDF)
Thread Theory (paper and PDF)
Tilly and the Buttons (paper and PDF)
Trend Patterns (paper)
Tribe Patterns (paper and PDF)
True Bias (paper and PDF)
Two Stitches (paper and PDF)
Untitled Thoughts (paper and PDF)
Valentine & Stitch (PDF)
Vanessa Pouzet (some French only, PDF)
Vesta Patterns (paper and PDF, drafted for 3 body shapes)
Victoria Jones Collection (paper)
Victory Patterns (paper and PDF)
Violette Field Threads (paper and PDF)
Waffle Patterns (paper and PDF)
Wardrobe by Me (PDF)
Wear Lemonade (French & English, paper and PDF)
Whitney Deal (PDF)
Wiksten (paper and PDF)
Willow & Co. (PDF)
Winter Wear Designs (PDF)


Closet Case Patterns (paper and PDF)
Jalie Sewing Patterns (paper and PDF)
Lily Sage & Co. (PDF patterns)
Maison Fleur Patterns (PDF)
Merckwaerdigh (paper)
Named (paper and PDF)
Ohhh Lulu (PDF)
Papercut Patterns (paper and PDF)
Peek-A-Boo (PDF)
Seamstress Erin (PDF)
Swim Style (PDF)
Wardrobe by Me (PDF)


Booby Traps (paper and PDF)
Cloth Habit (PDF)
Elise Patterns (PDF)
Emerald Erin (PDF)
Evie la Luvé (paper and PDF)
Jalie Sewing Patterns (paper and PDF)
Madalynne (PDF)
Made for Mermaids (PDF)
Make Bra (paper and PDF)
Measure Twice/Cut Once (PDF)
Merckwaerdigh (paper)
Orange Lingerie (PDF)
Ohhh Lulu (PDF)
Pin Up Girls (paper)
Seamwork (PDF, magazine from Colette)
Scroop Patterns (PDF)
Sophie Hines (PDF)
Studio Costura (PDF)
The Maker's Journal (paper)


5 Out Of 4 Patterns (PDF)
Cashmerette (paper and PDF)
Fehr Trade (paper and PDF)
Goheen (PDF)
Green Style Creations (PDF)
Jalie Sewing Patterns (paper and PDF)
Papercut Patterns (paper and PDF)
Peek-A-Boo (PDF)
Seamwork (PDF, magazine from Colette)
Sewaholic Patterns (paper and PDF)
Stoff & Stil (Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish & English paper)

Plus Size

Boho Banjo - Art to Wear (PDF)
Cake Patterns (paper and PDF)
Cashmerette (paper and PDF)
Designer Stitch (PDF)
Lekala Patterns (PDF, made to your size!)
Lolita Patterns (paper and PDF)
Megan Nielsen (paper and PDF)
Mingo & Grace (PDF)
Skinny Bitch, Curvy Chick (paper and PDF, for petites)
Style Arc (paper and PDF)
Wardrobe by Me (PDF)


5 Out Of 4 Patterns (PDF)
Deuxieme Arrondissement (in French, paper)
Megan Nielsen (paper and PDF)
Niu Collection (PDF)


Atelier Louise (PDF)

Bags, Hats and Accessories

Betz White (PDF)
Blank Slate Patterns (PDF)
Cloth and Hold (PDF)
Fish Petals Do Fly (PDF)
Goheen (PDF)
Grainline Studio (paper and PDF)
Helen's Closet (PDF)
Noodlehead (PDF)
Red Rabbit Mercantile (PDF)
Sarah Kirsten (PDF)
Seamstress Erin (PDF)
Seamwork (PDF, magazine from Colette)
Snapdragon Studios (paper and PDF)
So Zo...What Do You Know? (PDF)
Taylor Tailor (PDF)
Willow & Co. (PDF)


5 Out Of 4 Patterns (PDF)
Colette Patterns (paper and PDF)
Disparate Disciplines (PDF)
Free Sewing (PDF, all free!)
Goheen (PDF)
Green Style Creations (PDF)
Hot Patterns (paper)
Jennifer Lauren Handmade (PDF)
Make My Pattern (PDF)
Merchant & Mills (paper)
Peek-A-Boo (PDF)
Seamwork (PDF, magazine from Colette)
Silhouette Patterns (paper)
Sis Boom (paper and PDF)
Stoff & Stil (Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish & English paper)
Taylor Tailor (PDF)
Thread Theory (paper and PDF)
True Bias (PDF)
Victoria Jones Collection (paper)
Wardrobe By Me (PDF)

Indie Sewing Books!

The Colette Guide to Sewing Knits by Alyson Clair
The Colette Sewing Handbook by Sarai Mitnick from Colette Patterns
The Complete Photo Guide to Clothing Construction by Christine Haynes
How to Speak Fluent Sewing by Christine Haynes
Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing by Gretchen Hirsch from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing
Gertie Sews Vintage Casual by Gretchen Hirsch from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing
Gertie's Ultimate Dress Book by Gretchen Hirsch from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing
Love at First Stitch: Demystifying DIY Dressmaking by Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons
Sew Over It by Lisa Comfort from Sew Over It
Sew Over It Vintage by Lisa Comfort from Sew Over It
The Sewtionary by Tasia St Germaine from Sewaholic
The Beginner's Guide to Dressmaking by Wendy Ward from MIY Collection
Demystifying Bra Fitting and Construction by Norma Loehr from Orange Lingerie
Freehand Fashion by Chinelo Bally
Boundless Style by Kristiann Boos from Victory Patterns
The Sewing Handbook by Anna Prato (Italian only)
No Patterns Needed: DIY Couture from Simple Shapes by Rosie Martin
The Beginners Guide to Dressmaking by Wendy Ward from MIY Collection
A Beginners Guide to Making Skirts by Wendy Ward from MIY Collection
Sew Your Own Activewear by Melissa Fehr from Fehr Trade
A Beginners Guide to Sewing with Knitted Fabrics by Wendy Ward from MIY Collection
Stretch! Make Yourself Comfortable Sewing with Knit Fabrics by Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons
The Maker's Atelier: The Essential Collection by Frances Tobin from The Maker's Atelier

If you are interested in German translations of patterns do check out Naeh Connection as German PDF downloads from a number of indie designers are available to purchase there.



  1. wow, fantastic list, that you so much for posting!! Do you know what kind of sloper these designers are drafting for? I've noticed that a lot of the "Indies" design for an hourglass figure (I'm thinking Colette, Deer and Doe, By Hand London), which is pretty much the opposite of me - I'm more like a small busted tree trunk! Sewaholic works well for me, but I'm kind of scared to try the rest of them. Any thoughts?

    1. I'm no expert on it (I'm kind of hourglassy but slightly larger on the bottom half) but I think you should give By Hand London patterns a go, I know the Charlotte skirt for one pretty good for the more hippier ladies and Salme do some really lovely relaxed fit patterns. I've never used them but I think Cake patterns come with some really good sizing options for different sized busts. Have you tried just grading between sizes to adapt any pattern to suit you better? It's fairly straight forward, just pick the size that suits you at the bust waist and hips, draw a smooth line between each point and cut along this line. Good luck!

  2. This list is brilliant! Thank you so much for putting it together. :)

    1. You're very welcome. I can't say that it was not an enjoyable task, as proved by the number of patterns now added to my 'to buy' list!

  3. Great list. Merckwaerdigh also do bra patterns, and "makebra" i think they are called do too.

    1. O fantastic thanks! I don't know a lot about underwear patterns so any tips are much appreciated!

  4. Fantastic list, what a great resource for new sewers like myself.

    1. I hope it's not too overwhelming and you manage to find some pattern companies you love!

  5. I'd love if you could add me to the list. I recently launched my first PDF pattern and more are in the making!

    1. Ooo that's such exciting news! I shall certainly add you too the list and keep an eye out for future patterns!
      P.S. I was totally eyeing up your beautiful Elisalex dress all day on Saturday, so beautiful!

  6. You might like to update the Maria Denmark link. She has a new website with her own PDF patterns.

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate you pointing this out, I've changed it now!

  7. Wow, thanks for this! I thought I knew them all but found a few new ones :).
    Just for your info, once your list is so specialised, Violette Field Threads now have women's patterns in paper too - they're lovely. and Closet Case has come out with jeans so she's not just swimwear:).

    1. O lovely thanks for the tips Francesca, I'd missed that about Violette Field Threads and had completely forgotten to add Closet Case Patterns to their new category. I can't wait to make those jeans!

  8. thanks for this great list!!

  9. Hi , I've just started a new pattern company you might like to check out. Thanks! Annie

    1. Ooo lovely! Thanks for letting me know Annie, I'll add you to the list!

  10. Hi

    Heather Wielding Designs offers sewing patterns and drafting tutorials specializing in petite sizes, with a Gothic twists. We also offer knit and crochet patterns.

    We'd love to be on the list. Many thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know! Love that you do knitting and crochet patterns too. I'm going to add you to the list right now!

  11. Thank you so much for this. I think this will solve my fitting challenges on almost all my patterns for sewing!

  12. Hi, I just noticed that you do not have Capital Chic patterns listed? Just thought I'd mention it :-)

    1. O my goodness, well that's quite an oversight! I can't believe I missed Sally off when I know her so well now and have made two of the patterns more than once! Mistake rectified! Thanks so much for pointing that out

  13. Hi Fiona!
    I'm an Italian girl, Nicoletta, and I'm contacting you as I've released two patterns, Artemisia and Gemma, through my blog and I would like to know if it's possible for you to add me to your pattern designers list!
    Thank you so much!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Nicolette!
      Thanks so much for introducing yourself! Of course I will add you to the list! Good luck with your future patterns!

  14. Hi Fiona,
    I have a big favour to ask. I'm so thankful to be on this list and get quite a bit of traffic from you. However, I've just relocated my shop to Etsy (same shop, same products) so I was hoping I could get you to update my link on this list to:
    Thank you so much! Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie, that's not a big favour of course I can change it! Thanks for letting me know

  15. Thank you for compiling such an extensive list of indie pattern designers. I have just waded through visiting EVERY single one of them. Such a great resource., Much appreciated!

    1. Wow! That must have taken you some time! But I bet it was a lot of fun! I'm so glad you've found it useful

  16. Hi Fiona, thank you so much for mentionning my indie patterns brand (Anne Ka Couture). I have a favour to ask: can you add that the patterns are also available in English please ?
    Many thanks again :)

    1. O of course Anne! I must have missed that when I was checking out your website! Sorry for the mistake, I'll update it now

  17. Hello Fiona, a fabulous resource! I too have just started a small indie pattern business but I do fabric HAT sewing patterns. I wonder if you could add me to the list? Here's the link to my site:
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Georgie,
      Thanks for letting me know! I've added you now. Good luck with the patterns!

  18. Wow! what a list! Thanks for mentioning us!
    We are actually offering a free pattern, so don't hesitate to come over and try it!

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for letting me know about the pattern!

  19. Hello Fiona,
    This list is fantastic! Would you be willing to add us to it? We are an independent pattern company that has been offering print patterns for 20+ years and some download patterns as well.

    1. Hello! Sorry for the delayed response! Of course I will add you to the list!

  20. I would love for you to check out my patterns. I have a newly released free tshirt pattern for kids available in my facebook group and I also have a website

    1. Hi Kellie, thanks so much for your comment! I've been over to check out the website and love the Taylor Tee/Tunics in particular! I don't currently include children's wear patterns on my list as it's not something I ever so and there is so much to keep up with already I have to focus on just a few type of pattern. Do let me know if you ever release any womenswear patterns though

  21. It's a very long list but do any of them sell petite patterns? I've noticed there are plus size petite pattern companies out there but nothing really for average weight petites who are neither plus size or super slim just not very tall. I'm trying to find a pattern for a knit wrap dress with a proper waist band and have found zero patterns. The Appleton dress looks nice but is only plus sized. Anyone know of a good pattern?

    1. Hi, you might want to try SBCC Patterns (Skinny Bitch, Curvy Chic) they do petite patterns for all sizes. I'm not sure if they've got a wrap dress though

    2. Thanks Fiona. SBCC looks great and I will have to give them a try. Unfortunately no wrap dress but apparently there may be one in the future. I wish there were more pattern makers designing for petite bodies.

  22. Hi Fiona,
    We just launched a new line of sewing patterns for women. They are available in French and English and range from size 1 to 8.
    It would be amazing if you could add to your list.
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi! Welcome. Thank you for letting me know, I've added you to the list!

  23. Sew Like My Mom has great patterns!

    1. Hi Karie,
      Thanks for your comment! I've just been over to take a look and there are some lovely things! They are all children's patterns though and at the moment I am leaving childrens wear off the list as I already have quite a few categories to keep a track of and that is a HUGE one!

  24. Designer stitch are plus size as I have tested her patterns and am a size 22-26 and they are great fit

    1. O thank you Kim that's great to know and good to hear a positive report too! I'll update the list now

  25. Thanks for this list!

    1. You're welcome! I hope it leads you to some new patterns to try!

  26. Hello,
    I started my pattern company, Victoria Jones Collection , in 1990, and invite you to take a look! I specialize in Hawaiian and resort wear, and am just coming out with my first Ranch Shirt for women.
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks for introducing me to you company Victoria, what a fab collection! I've added you to the list and will be sure to check out any future releases!

  27. What an amazing task to try to keep track of all this. Many thanks !

    Here’s one you don’t appear to have listed
    and her Etsy shop for people who have to pay VAT

    1. Amazing is certainly one word for it! I'm constantly so amazed by how many new independent pattern companies are springing up all over the place and the variety of patterns now available.
      Thanks so much for introducing me to these. I'll be sure to check them out and add them to the list

  28. Some more surprise gaps :
    Cutting Line Designs (Louise Cutting)
    Loes Hinse
    Silhouette Patterns (Peggy Sagers)

  29. thank you so much for this. I have found some really lovely patterns through it. I have also had so much fun going through them!!!

    1. You're very welcome Nam! I can't believe how long the list is now. I must add two or three more every month! It must have taken you ages to look through!

  30. Thank you Fiona for adding my website to your list and for mentioning my patterns in your Indie Pattern Updates, it's much appreciated! Emma @ The Tailoress :)

    1. You are very welcome Emma, I only discovered you recently and you've got such a huge collection of patterns, wonderful!

  31. Can you add in I agree with Nam - so much fun going through them.

    1. Of course I can, thank you for introducing me to them. You must have been here for days if you've been through them all haha!

  32. Hi Fiona! I found you googling pattern making images (I'm in Los Angeles). This list is amazing. I'm in beginning phases of launching a mommy and me line. Do you happen to know if any of these above are in LA? Or are they all UK-based? Thanks! Just hoping to save myself from going through every link ha there are so many!

    1. Hi sorry to take so long to reply, I've only just found time to catch up with my blog comments!
      Unfortunately no LA based designers spring instantly to mind. I know Christine Haynes used to be based there but she's recently moved to NYC
      The beauty of the internet unfortunately means that the geographical barrier between us seem to disappear and I tend to think of everyone as local as they are so easily accessible haha!

  33. This list and your monthly updates are a great resource.
    Please check your link to Green Bee Studios. The link on this page goes to the wrong site...should be

    1. Thanks very much! Thanks for the update, the website links change all the time and its impossible to keep up!


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